James L. Marchese, MPA, JD, is a man of many skills


James L. Marchese, MPA, JD, is a man of many skills would be an enormous understatement since few individuals have ever worn so many hats. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, banker, whistle-blower, CEO, film producer, and actor, but his primary job is as Amber’s husband and father to their two children, Corbin and Isabella.
And, in addition to being a loving family guy, he is a talented lawyer and a financial thought leader, works as president and CEO of Mortgage NOW, Inc., a New Jersey-based firm where he has lent and guaranteed over $10 billion in mortgage-backed securities.

As a result of his Columbia University master’s degree and Seton Hall Law School Juris Doctorate, James also analyses new business endeavours and whistle-blower cases.
His involvement in assisting the Department of Justice won a record $16.65 billion settlement against Bank of America earned him recognition in 2015. The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, The Inquisitor, The Daily UK, People.com, and Newsweek have all covered him. The former Yahoo Finance blogger was also a notable Twitter influencer with more than 9.5 million monthly impressions.

James L. Marchese
When he is not working in finance, James pursues his newfound interest in performing and producing in the film business. He and Amber have been in Real Housewives of New Jersey, Marriage Bootcamp, and are now working on Abaddon, a full-length feature film and limited series. We got the pleasure to meet with James recently to learn more about his unusual, diverse career.

James L. Marchese
James L. Marchese

Let’s start with your responsibilities as president and CEO of the company. Share your experience with Mortgage NOW and what you do there.

For almost 20 years, I’ve been with MortgageNOW. A private equity mortgage banking organisation and a non-supervised Title II lender, we make our own choices and judgments about lending, processing, underwriting and origination based on the rules we choose to follow in our business. My office is located in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, and we formerly had over 500 employees across 25 states. Due to recent changes in federal regulations, we’ve had to make some adjustments and are now primarily focused on our sites in CA, PA, MD, and NJ.

The firm’s flexibility, in your opinion, benefits your clients in what way?

99% of other banks can’t accomplish what MortgageNOW can. Like private equity and unsupervised Title II lenders, we have the ability to examine each borrower’s loan and make individual judgments that are suited to each person. There are also numerous alternatives for our clients, as well as a unique set of standards.
We can lend to self-employed borrowers, those with quickly growing income, young adults with college loans, and many more. Self-employed borrowers and first-time homebuyers both benefit from our assistance.
We are also supporting people who have been affected by the COVID epidemic and have had their income interrupted.
People who have been turning down by the larger banks make up a large part of our business. As a “Main Street lender,” we take great pleasure in this distinction.

You’ve been an entrepreneur all your life. How did you get into the film industry?

Amber, my wife, is an actress who has been on The View, Cathy Lee and Hoda Today Show, Watch What Happens Live, The Real, E Entertainment, Extra Extra, and other foreign programmes. She has starred in Real Housewives of New Jersey, Marriage Bootcamp, automobile and cookery commercials. She also appeared on The View, Cathy Lee and Hoda Today Show, Watch What Happens Live, The Real, E Entertainment, Extra Extra, and other international programmes.

As a result, a film crew approached her about participating in a forthcoming production. As part of their original idea to produce a limited series, they shot a trailer and several scenes for the show. COVID, on the other hand, struck when they started editing.

The crew felt they needed to pivot; thus, the series transformed into a full-length feature picture, which would lead to a limited series—Abaddon. Amber asked me if I would be interested in producing the film one day, and when I looked at it, I realised that it had terrific writing and was accepted.

James L. Marchese

Amber has been characterised as the “glue that ties everything together” by you. The rest of the information regarding your wife would be very appreciated.
‘Amber’ is an exceptional woman, a devoted mother, and a wonderful spouse. As a Columbia University graduate, she has a solid educational background. Her inner strength and faith, not her degree, are what define her. She is a native of New Jerseyan who prioritises her family. The 19-year-old Amber lost her war veteran father to pancreatic cancer when she was 19. Amber was diagnosed with breast cancer barely two years after she and her husband had been together.

Nine operations, including a double mastectomy and a year-and-a-half of chemotherapy, were performed on her when she was 31 years old while caring for our children. Isabella and Corbin were both under three years old; it was a very tough period for them.
When she relapsed after years of remission, the second round of therapy was effective and, she has been cancer-free for more than five years now.

James L. Marchese

With her commitment and hard effort in raising the children, she astounds me. So, she took matters into her own hands and started teaching her curriculum to our children. Together, we’re a great team; my family makes life exciting.

Amber is undoubtedly a strong lady, which is evident on film as well as in real life. In Abaddon, will we be able to catch a glimpse of her?
When it comes to this endeavour, she’s truly working in the background. Executive producer Amber runs the set like a pro. Surprise, I’ll be on the big screen this time! So far, I’ve been unsuccessful in persuading her to have a minor part in the film. I suppose she enjoys being in charge of things.

Could you tell us a bit about the story?

After a series of brutal killings in the Catskills, two FBI agents investigate. As a result of a lead, they wind up questioning my character for further information.
I portray Massimo, an Italian banker who spent time in federal prison but now spends a lot of time reforming convicts through his religious order.
A larger plan emerges when the FBI examines me, one that involves crooked judges, legislators, and business people who have committed crimes that have gone unpunished up to this point.

The FBI believes I can help them identify the killers but later finds I’m more valuable for revealing the pattern of how the victims are choosing. I can’t tell you much more than that, but it’s an intriguing initiative that has taken centre stage.

After finishing the script and filming some teaser scenes, we intend to begin a 26-day feature shoot in the fourth quarter of 2021. The production/investor and talent sides are still open, so if you’re interested, please let me know. Streaming has created unprecedented opportunities for content creators, so we’re anticipating this to be a great hit.