Rusty (Robert) Tweed is a philanthropist with a background in economics


Rusty Tweed

Rusty (Robert) Tweed is a philanthropist with a background in economics and finance. Giving back to the community where he began and beyond is what propels him ahead to vital success. Mr Tweed regards as an industry pioneer with a career spanning over a quarter-century. From house loan guidance to bad credit loans, Robert thoroughly understands and assists customers in making sound financial decisions.

Mr Rusty Tweed is well recognised by his industry colleagues while renowned as an accomplished professional who has received national recognition regularly for his considerable skills in providing customers with financial planning and investment guidance. A long-time resident of the Greater Los Angeles Area, he is also well-known for his expertise in estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, marketing strategy, investment properties, and asset management, to mention a few.

Some guys settle, while others strive for more in their life. When it comes to personal accomplishments, Rusty (Robert) Tweed goes above and beyond. When it comes to providing for others, he is a guy of position and class. He was born in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and grew up in a low-income family. Robert grew up on his horse farm, where he learnt the importance of hard labour. Despite his family’s background in money, he would learn about the challenging effort of raising horses.

Rusty Tweed - President & Owner of Tweed Financial Services
Rusty Tweed

Robert would frequently accompany his family to and from various horse contests. He would spend his summers riding and taming the horses in preparation for the future events in which they would compete. During this period, he would study numerous riding methods. Robert was very skilled in western-style riding and jumping techniques. When it came to leaping, his instructor had trained several of the Canadian Olympic squad.

Though horses were a huge part of Robert’s life growing up, it was in finance that he would have a significant influence on the rest of the world. The Tweed family is a multi-generational family with a massive financial stake. His great uncle, Sydney Tweed, had established the Equitable Life of Canada Foundation. His grandparents established CW Tweed & Son, Inc., an insurance agency.

For many years to come, the family would assist in the operation of these companies. Robert would look up to the rest of his family and develop an interest in the business. Robert has exhibited a keen interest in entrepreneurs since he was a child. Rusty Tweed started a snow removal service while still in high school and provided it to the neighbourhood. It was here that Rusty realised his passions were genuinely ingrained in his desire to become an entrepreneur. He would take his hobbies and start enterprises that would benefit people who became involved.

Philanthropy’s Path to Success

On top of advising clients on their finances and investing, Tweed has been active in charity for many years, working with students and entrepreneurs.

His charitable endeavours are focusing on problems such as education, health, and youth empowerment.

Mr Tweed often provides educational courses and seminars with investment prospects and seasoned investors to address critical subjects such as real estate investing, financial management, current economics, and taxation as part of his commitment to transmit knowledge to a new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Some participants have launched successful, high-impact businesses and public projects in the United States and globally. Robert Tweed has also helped in various projects, including raising cash for the Detox Centers in New York and New Orleans. Tweed blogs for several industry-leading websites in his spare time, where he gives thoughts on money, education, scholarships, and research concerns.

Because of drug exposure and a lack of school fees and social assistance in the local villages, Tweed saw many young lives being wasted. Mr Tweed feels that the exorbitant cost of tuition and college living expenses is one of the reasons young people are dropping out. These, among other things, prompted him to create the Rusty Tweed Drug-Free Scholarship.

The scholarship is intending to assist students in defraying the high cost of college tuition and living expenses. He believes that the scholarship would help motivate them to follow their dreams of a profession. In its second year, the scholarship is accessible to high school seniors who have received an admission letter from a college or institution in the United States.

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Students who are presently enrolled in universities or colleges may also apply for the scholarship. Students who win the competition get a cash prize of$1,000, which is sent to the winning school when the appropriate notice and confirmation has taken place. All scholarship information is available on the scholarship portal, which also includes an online application form.

Applicants must submit a 500-word essay on the specified topic. Typically, the subjects centre upon supporting drug-free living and developing into responsible workers.

Mr Tweed is passionate about giving pupils a taste of financial freedom. It enables him to demonstrate to his community that there are individuals who care about the well-being of the young. The foundation and scholarship are not an end-all solution but rather a window of opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs.


Whenever Robert has the chance, he loves to give back to the community. As a result, he is committed to giving back to his community. 

Numerous fundraisers for the New York Detox Center and the New Orleans Detox Center have been hosting by him throughout the years.

He works consistently at his college scholarship to guarantee that kids receive the cash they need to pursue a decent education.

The Rusty Tweed Scholarship is awarded to high school or college students majoring in economics or finance courses. Those that win can get a $1,000 grant towards their education fees. Students are required to respond to the question, “Why is economics important to you?” To stand out from the crowd, students should write this essay in their voice.

Project Kukui Solar

Robert has given back to the world by making an incredibly abundant resource available to the youngsters of Kukui. This project’s goal was to decrease overhead expenses associated with self-sustaining energy to provide sanctuary for abused children. The goal was to install different solar panels on the Kukui Center’s rooftops. The centre has the ability to generate energy. Because the majority of the region is impoverished, this is a tremendous advantage to the children and social workers in the area. In the community, 365 solar panels have been installed, with a system output of 93.5 kW.

Taking care of others around you

To him, it’s crucial to provide for those who are unable to care for themselves. Ses charitable endeavours over the course of his life have offered countless chances for individuals in need. As a result of his efforts, the world is a better place.